Ignacio Negrón

Ignacio Negrón

Professor of Physiology Institute, Universidad de Valparaíso

My interest is to understand how electrical neurophysiological phenomena, such as brain oscillations and neural discharge patterns, are related to cognitive processes such as learning, memory, or the implementation of executive functions. To address this question, we record and analyze brain electrical activity in vivo in mice during the performance of behavioral tasks that require cognitive processing. As a projection of this line, and due to the detrimental effects of chronic stress on mental health, we investigate the role of stress on brain electrical activity and its relationship with alterations in cognition. Finally, by using in vivo optogenetic stimulation tools, we try to manipulate brain activity patterns to modify cognitive processing.

  • Cognitive Functions
  • Prefrontal Cortex
  • Functional Connectivity
  • Optogenetics
  • PhD in Neuroscience, 2013

    Universidad de Valparaíso

  • BSc in Biochemistry, 2007

    Universidad Austral de Chile